Sunday, April 24, 2011


I like to write stories, but I've never written an 86 page story. I write fiction, and I also write folktales. My fiction stories are 20-25 pages long, but this was the first time I've ever written a really long story. Yes, my head was filling with ideas. My 86 page story is called Jamal. It's about a dog who lives in India who's owner is a mean woman named Locksmi. Jamal gets in trouble for anything he does, even after barking to save her daughter Isha who is two, from a cobra in the grass outside the hut that they live in. Locksmi thought Jamal was barking for no reason. Jamal is always on the chain. He wishes he could be free. The wish of being free comes true when a villager sees there is a fire. Locksmi let Jamal loose, and his journey to be free begins, though it has a lot of ups and downs. After the fire, Jamal is taken in by a healer and his son. They have a healing ceremony for him so he can continue to get well after the fire. But sadly after his ceremony, the healer and his son can't keep him because they don't have enough money to take care of him. Jamal travels lots of places including a circus. Oh, and just so you know, two friends come with him: A Jack Russell named Poppy who's a girl, and a stray pit bull named Nina. But before they meet Nina, Poppy finds him first but brings sad news. Jamal had a friend named Janka who was a Dalmatian. He was badly injured during the fire and must bring him to the healer, but sadly, he dies because they got there too late. So there's a little summery about the story Jamal. Oh, and I have to tell you that besides Janka's death, Jamal finds his mom who is dying, and Nina dies in the end at the circus because the owners teated her badly-- as well as the others. But in the end, the dogs from the circus (Including Jamal and Poppy) are taken to a shelter called the ASPCA. (By the way, the ASPCA is really a shelter that rescues dogs, cats, and even animals like goats, chickens and horses!) The dogs are all adopted but then comes one last sad thing: One person picks Poppy for a pet, and Jamal has to say goodbye. But it all ends with Jamal being adopted. His owners Meg and Kevin are nice people. Jamal has a nice home at last! (Oh, by the way, when Jamal went to the circus, he had to leave India and go to America. What a big change!)

Stay tuned for more stories!